Custom cabinetry and Furniture 

Hello!  I'm Jeff Blewitt.  Craftsman and owner of Cabinetry & More.  Raised in Youngstown, I followed my job to Florida, and then Atlanta where in 2006 I opened a Custom Kitchen Cabinet shop.  You can find my built in cabinetry, kitchen cabinets, and custom furniture in some of the finest homes in the south.  Within a year our little shop doubled in size, in another year, it tripled.  We truly did not expect the reception we received!  We built the business on three basic principles.  Quality workmanship, value for money, and respect for the needs of our customers.  

I'm proud to say we've been back home in Youngstown since January 2013, and we've received the same response!  It is a pleasure to offer my home town the same great service.  Please give me a call today to discuss your needs.  You have my personal guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

Who is Cabinetry & More?